Manipur State Archieves to degitize old scriptures

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Imphal, Nov 29: In an unprecedented and appreciable move, the Manipur State Archives has begun the process of digitization of the indigenous scriptures of Manipur including the Puya (old scripture), resolutions of the Darbar, precious journals and administrative reports pertaining to political, cultural, and historical records of Manipur.

The records to be digitized include 22,200 pages of various Puya compiled in Manipur during the 18th and 19th centuries, 50,000 pages of Darbar resolutions taken during the period from 1907 to 1947, 50,000 pages of precious books in Manipuri published between 1930 and 1970 and in English published between 1913 to 1970, and 30,000 pages Manipur Gazette from 1933 to 1986.

The initiative of digitization to be taken up as a project of National Archives of India, New Delhi under the Ministry of Culture will also include 70,000 pages of Administrative Reports of Manipur in English language pertaining to the period from 1868 to 1995. 5000 pages of precious journals published in Manipuri language from 1930 to 1970 and 2800 pages of the Trial Document of 1891 are also being taken up for digitization as part of the project.

National Archives of India under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India sanctioned an amount of Rs 10 lakh in March 2013 for the project. Accordingly, Manipur State Archives has begun the process of digitization from April 2 this year.

As of now, about 5000 pages of Puya have so far been digitized by two representatives of the Info Trade Services located at PDA Complex Lamphel at the laboratory of Manipur State Archives. One of the representatives doing the digitization works is said to be a trained personnel from Centre for Developed and Advanced Computing, Kolkata.

The effort for digitization and record keeping of the old scriptures has been taken up with a view to preserving the old documents which are going to be lost due to ageing. It will also benefit the future generation.

As expressed by various cultural enthusiasts and scripture analysts of Manipur to this Daily, there are lots of precious information recorded in the Puya by different prophets (Manchous) since 1709.Manipur State Archives may also hunt such old documents to include in the ongoing digitization process, they opined, while adding that the Manipur State Archives may also track the numerous old documents being kept in the custody of certain individuals.

This is for the welfare of the future generation and welfare of the people.

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