NGO calls for joint mechanism to monitor dams on Brahmaputra

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Guwahati, Nov 29: Calling for a joint mechanism between India and China to monitor all ongoing and proposed dams on the Brahmaputra river, Jana Jagriti, which is campaigning to save the Brahmaputra, alleged that China is moving ahead with 39 mega dams and water reservoirs on Brahmaputra and its tributaries and not six as it has revealed to India.

Addressing media-persons here on Friday, Jana Jagriti president Ashokananda Singhal accused China of providing wrong information to the Indian government on the matter of construction of dams on the Brahmaputra.

“Recently China has made it known to the Indian government that it is constructing six dams on the Brahmaputra, which is a big lie. China has been conspiring against India since long by hiding facts and its intention. Its attempts to divert the water by exploitation of the Brahmaputra is a challenge to our country,” said Singhal asserting that the new government at the Centre should now take up a strong stand on the issue and compel China to divulge the true information about its projects.

“China is making a conspiracy by making these dams. It is time we realized the magnitude of the problem. The river is the lifeline of Assam and if the threat from China is not countered, the Brahmaputra Valley civilization will be exposed to the danger of getting extinct,” said Singhal, adding that India is entitled to ask China for more information regarding the projects.

Singhal further said that to save the Brahmaputra from China’s unilateral designs, the government should take immediate steps to create water usage on Brahmaputra. “To counter China’s hydro hegemony, it is important to understand China’s intention and frame policies accordingly,” said Singhal pointing out that China is adept in hiding facts and the Indian government should always keep this factor in mind.

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