Naga rights activists seek restoration of citizenship

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Dimapur, Nov 29: Two Naga human rights activists - Luingam Luithui and Peingamla Luithui who have been living in virtual exile in Canada have sought full restoration of their citizenship rights.

In this regard, Delhi High Court has asked the government of India to file a counter-affidavit within four weeks.

In a press release, Naga People’s Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) secretary general Neingulo Krome said that a hearing at the High Court of Delhi on November 27 marked another important step towards justice for Naga human rights activists Luingam and Peingamla.

It may be mentioned that the two had been living in Canada for almost 20 years after the government of India arbitrarily impounded their passports. A writ filed by the two along with 12 members of their immediate family and clan had demanded full restoration of their citizenship rights.

Counsels representing the plaintiffs pointed out the “illegality and unconstitutionality of impounding Luithui’s passport without providing them due notice and opportunity to respond, as required by the law.

The couple became Canadian citizens in 2006, almost a decade after Luithui’s passport was impounded and his wife was not issued a temporary travel document or duplicate passports after hers was pickpocketed.

Luithui, an internationally renowned advocate for civil rights and the rights of indigenous peoples, was one of the founders of both NPMHR and Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact among others.

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