Centre wants pact with Bangladesh for deporting infiltrators

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Guwahati, Dec 10: The Government of India is exploring the feasibility of signing an agreement with Bangladesh for deportation of persons declared as Bangladeshi nationals by competent courts and tribunals as the Centre is of the view that the problem of infiltration cannot be solved without the cooperation of the neighbouring country.

The Assam Tribune quoting highly placed sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported that it was difficult to deport the persons declared as foreigners by the courts and tribunals because of lack of such an agreement with Bangladesh. Sources said the Government has taken serious note of the problem and the Government of Bangladesh has already been “sounded” about India’s desire to sign a formal agreement in this regard.

Sources pointed out that so far, the issue of infiltration of Bangladeshi nationals to India was never taken up seriously with the Government of the neighbouring country. On its part, the Government of Bangladesh has also been denying the presence of Bangladeshi nationals in India. But the situation has changed and the present Government has decided to take up the matter with the neighbouring country.

MHA sources pointed out that as the first step, the Government of Bangladesh would have to be told what India expected from it on the issue. Even if Bangladesh accepts India’s proposal, it would take some time to complete the formalities for signing of a formal agreement. Sources revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already accepted the invitation of the Government of Bangladesh to visit that country, though the dates for the visit are yet to be finalised. Modi is likely to take up the issue with the Bangladesh Prime Minister during the visit.

As the relation between India and Bangladesh is improving, the Government of India is hopeful of getting a positive response on the issue.

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