Meghalaya plans to improve air connectivity

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Shillong, Dec 2: Meghalaya Transport Minister, HDR Lyngdoh recently informed the House that additional land has been acquired for the proposed upgradation of the Umroi and Baljek Airports in the state.

“We have acquired additional land measuring 258 acres for Umroi airport and 53 acres for Baljek airport,” Lyngdoh said in his reply during the Question Hour in the Assembly. 

He said that the land has been handed over to the Airport Authority of India for execution of the upgrading work. The minister also said that for the development of the Baljek airport, an amount of Rs 111.23 crore has to be allocated by the Centre.

When asked, Lyngdoh said the Airport Authority of India is yet to start expansion work in Baljek Airport, adding that as per records there is no dispute case while acquiring the land. According to him, once bigger aircrafts are able to land in the airports, it will definitely cater to the needs of travellers to and from Meghalaya.

Earlier, the minister informed that the Baljek Airport near Tura is fit for operating small Dornier Type Aircraft. However, the airport has remained non – operational due to the fact that it was designed and built as a ‘Short Take Off and Landing (STOL)’ and at present there are no takers for operation of such small Dornier Type passenger aircraft, he said.

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