Militancy becomes cottage industry in N-E: NSG DG

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Imphal, Dec 2: Observing that tackling terrorism was becoming a complex issue with terrorists accessing sophisticated technology, National Security Guard (NSG) Director General J.N. Choudhury Friday said militancy has become a “cottage industry” in northeast India.

Addressing an interactive session organised by MCC Chamber of Commerce & Industry on internal security here, Choudhury said around 800-900 people are killed annually due to militancy and terrorism in the country.

“In northeast, militancy has become almost a cottage industry where extortion and abduction for ransom is seen as an easy means for money.”

“For militant movements like the Maoists and ethnic outfits in the northeast, the reason why youth continue to take up arms is more than just alienation from the centre. There is huge bulk of youth with no employable skills and no hope for the future. And they are becoming readymade recruits,” said Choudhury.

Talking about cross-border terrorism, Choudhury said most of the terrorists were trained in the Af-Pak region and have been increasingly exploiting Bangladesh, Nepal and to some extent Sri Lanka for transit and shelter.

“Tackling the terror threat has become more complex, with terrorists having global presence and using modern technologies to train. Now they learn bomb making on the Internet and do not have to get training at the ground.

“Annually the number of people getting killed due to terrorism and militancy is 800- 900 with Maoist violence accounting for the 50 percent of the total killings.

“While the militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and northeast has come down, it still accounts for 20-25 percent of the total killings,” he said. Should development come first or security – While some advocate development claiming once there is development there will be security, others say security is must for development to be ushered in.

This debate will continue but the issue needs to be resolved adopting the right approach, added Choudhury.

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