Oriah festival celebrated with gaiety

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Itanagar, February 20: Oriah - the popular and major festival of the Wancho community of Longding district was celebrated on February 16 all over the state with much traditional gaiety and religious fervor. The main celebration was held at Longding, the district headquarters of the Longding district.



Oriah festival

The festival was also celebrated here at the Capital Complex with much enthusiasm. Dressed in their best traditional attires, the members of the community residing in the twin capital cities thronged the festival ground at Senki Park.


Addressing the festive revelers on the occasion MLA Karya Bagang called for harmonious co-existence of all the tribes in the capital complex and stressed on preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of the people inherited since generations.


Relating Oriah with the festivals of the other tribes of the state, Bagang said that all the festivals are basically associated with agriculture and hence prayers are offered for the peace, prosperity, good health and bumper harvest.


Appreciating the Wanchos for their unique culture and tradition, she called for promotion and preservation of their culture and tradition through such celebrations which highlight the cultural exuberance of the people. She also emphasized on respecting one’s culture for posterity and called upon the community members to look forward for progress. Phosum Khimhun, Parliamentary Secretary Trade & Commerce called upon the people to preserve their culture through celebration of their indigenous festival in a befitting way. He also outlined the similarity of festivals of all tribes, adding that all are based on agriculture. On the occasion, he prayed to the Almighty for good harvest and wellbeing of the entire mankind.


Former MP Tapir Gao while attending the festival termed the Wanchos as the richest community in the state in regards to arts and culture, handloom and handicraft, traditional wood carving etc, adding that festival like Oriah showcased the rich culture of the community. He also stressed on preservation and promotion of one’s culture to maintain one’s identity.


Earlier, the General Secretary of the 12th Capital Complex Wancho Oriah Festival committee – 2014 Honwang, giving a brief highlight of the background of the festival, he informed that Oriah is celebrated with immense pomp and show in truly traditional way and high spirits. It is a celebration of being together with joy while prayers are offered to the Almighty Jowan Rang at the altar ‘Zangwantong’ to seek his choicest blessings upon the people and for good harvest.


Other highlights of the day-long celebration included hoisting of festival flag, offering to festival altar ‘Zang –Wan’, presentation of traditional dances by the various cultural troupes, community feast etc.


Oriah - the most popular festival of the Wanchos of Longding district was celebrated with great fanfare and gaiety on February 16 at Longding, Wakka, Pongchau, Kanubari and other places.


At Pongchau, Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Ninong Ering, while speaking on the occasion, appreciated the Wanchos for successfully preserving their rich traditional culture and also lauded the Wanchos’ skills in bead making, wood carving and other traditional art forms inherited from their ancestors. He appealed them to accord top priority to education adding that no place could make progress without proper education. Ering further urged the people to co-operate with the state and central government agencies for all round development of the place. Earlier, he unfurled the Oriah flag amidst a huge gathering.


The local MLA and Parliamentary Secretary Thangwang Wangham while greeting the people at Longding, asked them to spare no effort to jealously guard their traditional systems and culture adding that if they could not protect their rich legacies then their identity would be lost. He highlighted some of the people-centric and people-friendly policies and programmes initiated by the Chief Minister Nabam Tuki and appealed the people to actively participate in successfully implementing the schemes and projects in the district. He earlier, unfurled the Oriah flag. All Wanghams of Longding area enthusiastically participated in the celebrations along with others.


At remote Circle headquarters Wakka bordering Myanmar, Parliamentary Secretary and local MLA Honchun Ngandam passionately appealed the people to preserve their culture for the posterity. He asked the people not to mix culture and religion saying that they were two completely different entities. Chiefs, GBs, PRI leaders and villagers in huge numbers participated in the festival. In all the places attractive folkdances, cultural programmes and community feasts were held.


The Chief Minister Nabam Tuki who was supposed to grace the Oriah celebrations at Longding and Wakka could not make it due to inclement weather. He however, conveyed his best wishes for Oriah celebrations to all the Wanchos. The festival was also celebrated at Kanubari, Khonsa, Deomali and all Wancho-dominated places.   

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