Dzukou Valley: Valley of Celestial Dreams

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Kohima, March 24 : Dzukou Valley also known as the ‘Valley of Celestial Dreams’ is 2462mts above sea level and is located in the South Western part of Nagaland , about 30km South of Kohima. It lies just behind the Japfu Range.


Dzukou valley is shrouded by clouds and blessed abundantly by Mother Nature. It is watered by a meandering stream which often freezes during the winters .The entire valley comes to life during the spring and monsoon season, with green explosions of wild herbs and flowers of different species. It is home to the endemic white and pink Dzukou lilies, rhododendrons, euphorbias, acontinums and 100 other botanical species in myriad colours. It is estimated that about 360 different varieties of orchids grow in this valley. Tough bamboo brush is the main vegetation of this valley and gives the illusion of a meticulous lawn from a distance. Dzukou Valley is also known for its bio diversity.


Dzukou is also a trekker’s paradise as it is untouched by civilization. But one needs to carry food along when on a trekking or camping spree as there is no provision for food at the top. Despite the difficult terrain that one has to go through for 3 to 4kms with rocky pebbles and stones this place is still one of the most frequented spots in the northeast.


A visit to Dzukou should be on the wish list of avid trekkers or anyone who wants to be in the company of emerald green rolling hills strewn with pebbles and stones or the mesmerizing sound of the flowing stream that enriches the soul.








AIR: The nearest airport is in Dimapur. Taxis and Buses are available from here.


RAIL: The nearest railhead is at Dimapur. Guwahati to Dimapur is 270kms.


ROAD: Shared taxis are available from BOC, Kohima to Viswema Village of Zakhama. The Nagaland State Transport bus from Dimapur to Kohima can also be taken. Dimapur to Kohima is 74kms by road.


TREK to DZUKUO: Kohima to Viswema village base for Dzukou valley-25 km. Viswema to Dzukou -17 km. Kohima to Zakhama-20 km. Zakhama to Dzukou - 15 km.

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