British Appointed ALCs for Arunachal Elections

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British Appointed ALCs for Arunachal Elections

Itangar, March 31 : Initially they have been appointed by the British prior to independence for transporting materials from one place to another in the rugged terrain of Arunachal Pradesh. Even after more than 67 years, their importance in the State remained un–measurable.


ALC (Agency Labour Corps) or porter were appointed in Arunachal Pradesh on regular basis prior to independence as there was no motorable roads in several districts and the only means of transportation of goods in the remote areas was porter tracks and mule paths. They were the back–bone of the administration who carried their task under the most difficult geographical conditions at the time of opening new administrative centres in various places for speedy development.


In the initial stage, the existing porter tracks were improved for the easy movement of government officials and porters from one place to another. The role of ALC or porters in Arunachal Pradesh remained crucial be it in times of emergency or natural calamities and even during elections as they are the lifeline for the people in remote and inaccessible areas of the State for transporting public distribution system materials and also serve as a bridge between people and the government. “They are the only source for us during elections for transporting election materials to inaccessible polling stations and even during time of declaring results we are dependent on them,” Deputy Chief Electoral Officer DJ Bhattacharjee said.


“We are deploying around 2100 ALCs in 700 remote polling stations of the State for the April 9 Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in the State,” Bhattacharjee added. He said, in several constituencies declaration of results get delayed because the EVMs were transported by the ALCs to the counting centres which generally take more than three days trek.


In the 2009 Assembly and Parliament elections in Arunachal Pradesh around 1400 ALCs were deployed. “In 664 remote and inaccessible polling stations we will deploy more than 4 ALCs while in 34 booths less numbers will be deployed,” Bhattacharjee added. After Arunachal Pradesh attained the status of a full–fledged State in 1987, the regular appointments of ALC have been stopped and only recruitment was done on temporary basis.


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