Rampant coal mining threatens survival of India's longest caves

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Mining poses threat to this wonderful treasure of nature in Meghalaya

Shillong, March 4: Meghalaya, famed across the globe for its famous, rich and long cave system, is on the verge of losing the naturally occurring geomorphologic wonders of nature, thanks to rampant and unscientific coal-mining activities in Jaintia Hills.

In what has become an annual feature, a team of cave explorers from different parts of the world recently got together recently to explore the caves system in East Jaintia Hills district of the State and conducted research and scientific studies, based on which the explorers reasoned that the cave system in Meghalaya is facing imminent threat from the relentless mining activities in the mineral-rich district.

The team of 30 cave explorers from England, the Netherlands, Finland, Scotland, New Zealand and Romania, jointly with a team from India led by Bryan Kharpran Daly explored several caves in Bataw-Lakadong area in the district.

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