Sikkim to double tourists flow to Kanchenjunga

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Sikkin government to attract more tourists

Gangtok, March 4: The Sikkim government has taken a number of steps to strengthen infrastructure and improve facilities to attract tourists to the Kanchenjunga, India's highest peak in the Himalayas.

According to Sikkim Tourism Minister Bhim Dhungel, around eight lakh tourists visit the state annually to have a glimpse of five sacred peaks of Kanchenjunga and the number is likely to go up to 15 lakh in next five years.

The Minister said the government has taken a number of steps to improve infrastructure and ensure modern tourism facilities, with a view to attract higher number of visitors.

“The government has started 15 minutes' helicopter service from state capital Gangtok to provide visitors breathtaking views of the pristine beauty of sacred peaks, which assume different colors during different times of the day,” Dhungel said.

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