Somra revels Ukhrul natives with Burmese culture

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somra festival

Tusom (Ukhrul), Apr 14:A touch of Burmese tunes, dances and attractive traditional fineries enthral the Tangkhul natives in the remote Tusom village on the grand finale of cultural gala on Sunday.

On Palm Sunday, the Somra and Tusom Christians joined hands in fellowship to share Biblical messages, while a cultural extravaganza revel the crowds in the afternoon.

Tangkhuls from Somra, Phungtrate and Leiyum, adorned in a colorful traditional attires, present an array of cultural items like traditional dances and songs - including that of ethnic tunes from Myanmar.

Tusom villagers also put up an exhilarating display of folk dances and performing arts. The village womenfolks perform a unique art of pounding a rice grain tuned with a melodius folk song. On the other hand, the Tusom youths adorned in attractive headgears deck with rare hornbill feathers and beaded necklaces delighted the youngs and olds.

Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) president Artax Shimray and Tangkhul Shanao Long (TSL) Ringluiwon graced the cultural day as chief guest and guest of honour respectively.

In his address TNL president, Artax Shimray praised the effort of Tusom students in organising the event and felt that the initiative will go a long way in building a relation across the border.

He further asked the border villagers in Ukhrul to continue with this programme and take it to higher level incorporating larger public from both the countries.

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