Naga reconciliation: Leaders discuss pact

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Kohima, April 21 : Leaders of various Naga underground organisations held another meeting again on April 15 convened by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) as part of the Naga reconciliation process. Prior to the Tuesday meeting, the leaders of NSCN-IM, NNC and NSCN-Khole/Kitovi met on March 28 and signed the historic Lenten Agreement.

With this development, there is a strong indication that all the Naga underground groups will come under a single roof and work as one outfit. Confirming about the meeting, FNR convenor Dr Wati Aier when contacted by NNN informed that the leaders of NSCN-IM, NNC and NSCN-Khole/Kitovi met on April 15 in Dimapur as part of the Naga reconciliation process.

The likelihood formation of Naga National Government (NNG) is one significant feature of the ongoing Naga reconciliation process. The Naga National Government (NNG) is the ‘Naga Concordant’ signed few years ago and in today’s meeting these Naga underground groups have agreed in principle to the formation of the NNG.

In the event of formation of the NNG there will be only one Naga underground outfit. “While the committment is in a process, until such time, we resolve to work together in the common purpose of achieving Naga political aspirations. The task should begin at the earliest and be completed without delay,” said the agreement signed by NSCN-IM, NSCN-Khole/Kitovi and NNC/FGN.

Mention may be made here that ‘Lenten Agreement’ (Season of Good Friday/Easter) signed by the top leaders of three Naga outfits on March 28 said, “Having reconciled on the basis of the historical and political rights of the Nagas, we recognize that all Nagas must unite in the common purpose towards achieving our Naga political aspirations”.

“In the Naga reconciliation process, we have committed to move forward together by condemning the past historical mistakes committed at various stages of our history. We also take inspiration in the positive political steps that have sustained and strengthened the Naga movement. Therefore, ‘having reconciled in the spirit of forgiveness and mutual respect,’ we are committed to overcoming our mistakes, while also recognizing and uplifting our achievements and contributions made at various stages of our political history, a stepping stone towards the common Naga future,” the Lenten Agreement further says.

“In this, we request the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) to work out the modalities to expedite the process. While this task is being carried out, we call for the maintenance of status quo, by vigilantly refraining from any unwarranted activities by the Nagas,” it also stated.

Furthermore, in the spirit of Naga Unity, through reconciliation and peace, we remain open to other Naga groups who are committed to the Naga Reconciliation and agree, to abide and uphold its aim and purposes, the Lenten Agreement of the three Naga underground groups said.

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