Manipur: NEDF appeals for respect of Human Rights, repealing AFSPA

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Imphal, January 16: A press release from U. Nobokishore, NEDF convenor on Thursday highlighted that the people of Manipur are experiencing grave human rights violations both from Indian Security Forces and Manipur State Security Forces and armed non-state actors. 

The North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF) in collaboration with civil societies (Social Youth Organisation Sanjenbam, Meira Paibi of Lairenkabi, Heibongpokpi, Lamban, Lamlongei, Tera Urak, Kadangband, Phayeng, Singda, Haorang Keirel, Haorang Khunou) organized a mass rally cum public meeting on “International Humanitarian Law and Right to Life” at Lairenkabi Dramatic Hall, Imphal West, Manipur on January 15. 

“Besides, many women were raped, raped and murdered, molested and killed by the government’s security forces.” It cited the case of “Operation Bluebird” that was carried out in and around Oinam and its surrounding 30 villages of Senapati district in Manipur for nearly 4 months in 1987 by 29th Battalion of Assam Rifles, news agency The Arunachal Times reported. 

NEDF demands to Prime Minister:                                 
1. Repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958.

2. Investigate the discovery of eight human skulls and several skeletal from Tombisana High School campus and constitute a three-member Independent enquiry commission headed by a retired judge for investigating the matter.

3. Investigate to identify the culprit regarding to the FIR No. 95(12)2014 LSG-PS U/S 307/326 IPC & 25(1-C)A Act that “on November 27, 2014 my son namely Chandam Ishworjit @ Naoba who was posted at the Lamsang Police Station serving as a VDF personnel being service No. V111370 was shot at from his back while he was attending his duty at the Sentry Tower.”

4. Constitute a special investigation team to make sure that perpetrators of all crimes are brought to justice.

5. Establish a separate department to deal with gender based discrimination.

6. Direct the Government of Manipur to fill up two Judges of the Manipur High Court which remain vacant till date since full-fledged High Court.

7. We strongly urge Government of India to ratify Rome Statue of International Criminal Court (ICC).

Stating that these extremities were committed by security forces intentionally, NEDF declared they are committed under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958. The release also noted that many innocent youths who were arrested during the peak of insurgency between 1980 and 1999 had disappeared, and their whereabouts have not been known.

Recently, 8 human skulls and several skeletons were found in the old Tombisana High School Complex on December 26, 2014, it added. The school was occupied by some Central Paramilitary Forces during the height of insurgent activities in the state in early 1980s, according to the release.

The NEDF has called upon Indian Armed Forces and Armed Non-State Actors to respect and implement International Humanitarian Laws, Geneva Conventions 1949’s common Article 3 and Additional Protocol II of 1977.

The organizing committee also maintained that since the imposition of AFSPA, 8983 people have been killed till date according to Interlocutor R.N Ravi and 2335 people were killed from 2005-2014 according to Ministry of Home Affairs.

The release also said the committee has documented from local newspapers atleast 904 cases only in Manipur relating to violence against women. However not a single person has been held accountable, it added.

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