Nagaland Festival to grace Mumbai with its folk art

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Dimapur, February 17: The Nagaland Festival will grace Mumbai with its cultural diversity and folk art on 21st February 2015. The festival will add on to the beauty of Mumbai and exchange cultural values bwteeen the two regions.
The second and final round of meeting for the upcoming Nagaland Festival was held on February 14. The festival is scheduled to be held on February 21 at Kavi Kusumagraj Marathi Bhasha Bhavan Hall, University of Mumbai Campus, Mumbai from 4:00 pm onwards.The Governor of Nagaland will grace the event as chief guest.

The event, which will showcase authentic Naga folk songs, folk music and a fashion show, will be action-packed with many known faces from Nagaland who have established themselves in their respective backgrounds, according to a press release.
It stated that much effort has been made in the preparation of the event as various Naga professionals, residing in Mumbai, have set their minds to make it a grand one, news agency The Morung Express reported.
Stating that Nagaland Festival is on its way to set an impression on the curious visitors’ mind about the exotic Naga culture, the release said, visitors will gain much information on what to expect when they actually visit Nagaland.
The event will be hosted by Rozelle Mero, who is an established entrepreneur from Nagaland. Some of the highlights of the event include performances by Alobo Naga and the Band and a fashion show by Bambi Kevichusa. Everyone is welcome in this free cultural event.
The organisers added, “Nagaland, like many other states, is faced with several issues in spite of the rich culture and tradition. One of these issues is the decrease and lack of frequent flights to Nagaland due to various reasons.” Therefore, the organisers have requested the Government of Nagaland to exempt the VAT on ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) as this will help the aviation sector to bring in more flight.
Presently, Meghalaya and Bagdogra have Zero VAT on ATF, and as a result, the frequency of flights has increased, it said.

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