Assam: Third Tortoise Festival held

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Guwahati, February 24: To create awareness about the conservation of endangered tortoise species in Assam, Environment and Forest Department of Dima Hasao district had organised the third Tortoise Festival at Hajong Lake.

Discussions, presentation and various activities were taken up to regarding the protection of the the endangered species.

Scholars from Bombay Natural Science Society have already visited the place for the study on these Hill Terrapins. They are now planning to save these rare species with the help of villagers.

Hajong Lake is a unique tortoise habitat situated around 300 kilometres away from Guwahati and is the only natural tortoise home in Assam.

Popularly known as the tortoise lake the Hajong Lake is a natural habitat of the few varieties of Hill Terrapins .They are considered to be of rare species. Around 400 to 500 tortoises are dwelling in the Hajong Lake at present.

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