Meghalaya: KHADC MDCs concerned over council’s financial crunch

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Shillong, February 26:The second day of the KHADC budget session saw MDCs focusing on the need to adopt new measures to address the financial crisis being faced by the council following the NGT ban on rat hole mining.

This issue was spearheaded by senior Congress MDC from Mawsynram Pynshngaiñ N Syiem. “We are all aware that the Autonomous District Councils are the worst sufferers following the ban since the major chunk of the funds of the Council comes from the royalties of coal,” Syiem said, adding that the EC should focus on new policies to revive from the current situation.

“The EC will have to focus in creating other avenues which will help in the revenue generation of the Council. The whole administration of the Council will collapse if the funds position does not improve,” the former CEM said.

Syiem also suggested on the need to enhance the efficiency of the Staff in terms of their skills to support the efforts of the EC to find alternative sources for revenue generation.

The former CEM also suggested on the need to bring an amendments to the existing Forest and Mines and Minerals Act of the Council which will create more avenues opportunities of the Council.

“It is time for the present EC to get into serious action rather giving only mere assurance in the floor of the House,” Syiem said.

Meanwhile, Laitumkhrah MDC Antonio War suggested that the Council should initiate the exercise of collecting revenues from the advertising hoarding which are erected in the various areas under the Council.

The Laitumkhrah MDC also urged upon the EC to closely follow up on the 1/8 share which the Council is supposed to get from the various taxes collected by the Himas and Raids.

“So far, no one is following up with the Hima and Raid to deposit the share of the Council from the taxes which they are collecting. The amount may be small but it will definitely contribute towards improving the financial position of the Council,” War said.

He further suggested that the Council should also closely follow up with the State Government over the getting their full share on the royalties from the various major minerals. The Congress MDC also said that the EC should write to the Government to allow the Council to allow the taxes on share of lime stone’s from Lafarge on its own.

Sohra Congress MDC Donevan Wanlang urged upon the EC to take measures on the revenue leakages in the collection of the professional tax, adding that the Council should set up its weighbridge at Majai in Shella to collect taxes from the 100 of trucks which are transporting limestones to Bangladesh.

Wanlang also suggested that the Council should collect tax from the banks who are putting up theirs ATMs in the areas under jurisdiction of the Council.

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