Nagaland: Adinno Phizo addresses 70th NNC Formation Day

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Dimapur, feb 5: Naga National Council (NNC) president Adinno Phizo said that recently India celebrated her 66th Republic Day, marking the day India became a republic nation on January 26, 1950. “If that is something to be proud of for them, how they could trample on the Nagas freedom?,” Adinno Phizo asked. Adinno Phizo also asserted that Nagas are never Indians. “What we stood for is that the Nagas are not Indians and Nagaland is not an Indian territory. That is the simple truth,” said the daughter of Naga legendary freedom fighter A Z Phizo in her speech at the 70th NNC Formation Day, Chedema Peace Hall, Chedema on February 2.

She then expressed gratitude to god that he is guiding our people throughout the journey. “And there are national torch bearers in every corner who hold fast in their prayer to God. May God grant us peace in our country soon,” Miss Phizo added.

According to the daughter of A Z Phizo, to defend a country for 69 years against foreign domination with a solid foundation of NNC is worthy of praise. “For which, we are grateful to our past leaders and workers who sacrificed their lives for the nation without having a normal life and gone, because of India’s invasion of Nagaland. When we remember them we still have vivid memories of them,” she stated. Miss Phizo then said that there is no security problem then and now in Nagaland but the Indian government even keeps their occupation armed forces as security forces and given them an order called Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). “Once the Indian occupational forces withdraw from Nagaland, the state will return to normal life again as before, as a peaceful country and a classless society,” she opined.

Adinno Phizo then said, “We must have a history to claim our right if someone challenges us which did not belong to them.” She said the case in point is that the conflict between Nagaland and India is nothing to be confused about because the two have a completely different history. The problem with India’s policy makers is that they have negative attitude towards the Nagas that Nagas were uncivilized and they have a word for it as well, she alleged. “And by prolonging the situation of the conflict India thought that the Nagas will forget their right of independence. But the sooner the conflict is resolved the better for both the nations,” Adinno Phizo added.

The daughter of Phizo then claimed that in talking about the Nagas national life, NNC is the savior of the Naga nation that the people of Nagaland know well. Without NNC the Nagas had no common voice to assert their birth-right in the beginning. Through NNC all Naga regions gathered together as one nation family, she further claimed. And the present day history started with the emerging modern India was from May, 1947 just before India got her independence, that India sent the Constituent Assembly of India under the chairmanship of Mr. Gopinath Bordoloi to Kohima to meet the Naga National Council offering the Nagas to join the Union of India, she recalled. The offer was refused. That was the first political communication with the Nagas by India. Ever since the voice of the Nagas through NNC always maintains that ‘our national independence is forever ours’ — `’Urra Uvie’, she added. Prudently, the Nagas formally declared her independence one day ahead of India. That clear history event is there for the Naga nation. How one can dispute it, she added.

“There are few of our people being used by the enemy to undermine NNC, because NNC is the recognized body for the Naga people and the umbrella of the Federal Government of Nagaland – which is the centre authority for the Nagas,” Adinno Phizo alleged.

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