Mizoram: People refused to take below standard weight LPG

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Aizawl,feb 6: People of Mamit Field Veng refused to take below standard weight cooking gas when the same was distributed on February 3, 2015, local media reported today.

As per the report, driver of the truck (NL-08 A-5148) carrying the LPG Salim Uddin was handed over to the police.
As per information from Mamit, the truck driver Salim Uddin set out from Mualkhang Bottling Plant on January 31, 2015 carrying the cooking gas to be distributed in Mamit, but reached the place only on February 3 evening.

When it was distributed in Field Veng it was found the refilled LPG cylinders weighed only about 26 kg whereas it should be 29.5 kg on standard weight. So the people refused to take it.
After the truck driver was questioned and after tools that were used to do fraud with the LPG were found, the locals handed him over to Mamit police.

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