Indian Panorama Film Festival concludes in Shillong; ‘Ri’ movie draws biggest crowd

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Shillong, March 14: The third edition of the Indian Panorama Film Festival 2015 in Shillong concluded at the U Soso Tham auditorium with Meghalaya’s own national award winning film “Ri Homeland of Uncertainty” drawing the biggest crowd even with every seat occupied.

The other films screened were ‘Kuttram Kadithal’ from Tamil Nadu, Marathi short film ‘Ek Hota Kau’, ‘Othello’ from Assam and Hindi movie ‘Ankhon Dekhi’, which closed the three-day event.

This year’s festival saw thousands, irrespective of ages, thronging the venue to watch some of the best Indian films released recently and also interact with prominent directors, news agency Oh Meghalaya reported.

One of these director Anjan Dutt, who directed ‘Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona’, which won three national awards, and was screened yesterday. Dutt was also present for the IPFF last year and said that there are several unique things about the Shillong festival that have brought him back.

“This festival is very cute. I’ve been to a lot of festivals in and out of the country, but here I get to meet a lot of young colleagues and talents, who come to the festival,” Dutt said on Friday, the day he held a well attended interactive session with the festival goers.

“Last year I met a few youngsters who make low budget films on DLSR cameras, very interesting films. We interacted and we’ve kept in touch since then. A festival like this is a very interesting way to get to know the cinema situation in the north east and the young filmmakers who are making movies with their own money. That has been an opening for me,” he added.

Dutt’s enthusiasm for Meghalaya extends to plans to make a movie here.

“I’ve been planning since last year to shoot a film here. I know that this place has tremendous potential. It will give Indian cinema a different look. This place has possibilities, the town, the heritage. On one hand it is so ethnic, on the other so colonial. Stories can be told here,” he said

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