Manipur’s Loktak lake among world’s 14 most amazing waterbodies

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Imphal, March 16: Manipur’s Loktak lake is the sole waterbody in India that has been listed among 14 most amazing waterbodies on Earth in BBC’s Strange and Beautiful list in its website.

The amazing waterbodies on the Earth includes a spring that bubbles like champagne to a lake that changes colour.

Loktak Lake in India “is speckled by phumdis: large, circular masses of intertwined vegetation, soil and other organic matter. The largest phumdi covers over 40 sq km.”

Loktak Lake as seen from Google Earth

“Rich in biodiversity, the lake is home to threatened animals like Indian pythons and hoolock gibbons,” says the BBC site. “It also supplies water to a hydropower project.”

The other most beautiful waterbodies in this planet Earth include multi-coloured Grand Prismatic Spring of USA, Canada’s Lake Manicougan.

These cover an area of 2,000 sq km and Spotted Lake, Plitvice Lakes of Croatia, Pamukkale Travertine Terraces of Turkey, Boiling Lake of Dominica, Blood Falls of Antarctica, Lake Retba of Senegal, Kelimutu Crater Lakes of Indonesia, Champagne Pool of New Zealand, Caño Cristales of Colombia and Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia.

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