North East photographs exhibited in UN exhibition

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New York, April 1: The North Eastern region of India continues to show and spread its magic worldwide. Photographs from Meghalaya and Assam were exhibited in a recent exhibition in New York which was organised by the Uinited Nations.  

The week long exhibition was on the occassion of World Water Day on 22 March, 2015. One photograph shoot at a village in Meghalaya in which a Garo family were carrying spring water by pipe for their household uses.

The glimpses of the North Eastern region were captured by conservation activist, Journalist Chandan Kumar Duarah.

The other photograph took place in the main exhibition was shoot at Rani, Assam in which a son and father were collecting water from a swallow boring tube well.

Water for Life Voices | International Decade for Action 'Water for Life' 2005-2015

Photographs from Meghalaya and Assam are used in the home page collage of un water for life voices. These photographs were selected for UN from among a host of pictures on the subject of water sent from nooks of the globe, news agency The Assam Times reported. 

The photographs on water were sent for UN- Water by Conservation activist Mubina Akhtar and Chandan Duarah.

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