‘Rapid Action Project’ to document species of butterflies in Nagaland

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Guwahati, April 7: A Rapid Action Project (RAP), a first of its kind in the North Eastern region of India, has been initiated to document different species of butterflies by the Wildlife Trust of India in Nagaland.

This project has been launched around Doyang Reservoir under Sungro Range in the state as it boasts of a high concentration of different species of butterflies, a WTI spokesman said.

The RAP project will focus on sensitizing locals on butterflies that inhabit the Doyang Reservoir and urge them to protect and conserve them, news agency The Morung Express reported.

This project is launched in association with Charities Aid Foundation, a local expert W Oponthung Jami will carry out the project to document the various species of butterflies found there.

“The role that insects, especially butterflies, play in the eco-system hardly comes into the limelight. It is high time, the concerned stakeholders should initiate protection and conservation measures to sustain their population in the area,” he said.

Jami said a number of butterflies are witnessing a drastic drop owing to increasing anthropogenic activities in their natural habitats and their dwindling numbers could create a huge imbalance in the ecosystem, which would be difficult to reverse.

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