Meghalaya designer to exhibit collections in Canada

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Shillong, May 11: Daniel Syiem, a Meghalaya-based designer, whose unique ‘Ryndia’ collections are a big hit in the fashion world, will showcase his latest designs at the Toronto fashion festival in Canada today.

Last year, the young designer had his collections displayed by international models in the second Global Meeting of Indigenous Peoples Forum at Rome, the Fashion International, the London Fashion Week and the New York-based Couture Fashion Week.

“I am excited for the show in Toronto. I am proud of the new Ryndia collections,” Syiem said. The Ryndia collections are unique because they are all sourced from a community in remote Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya, where the women hand-weaved the fabrics loom for generations.

The event at the International Fashion Encounter in Toronto will be the fourth show the city-based designer will showcase his collections in venues across the world alongside top designers from the country, news agency The North East today reported. 

An upbeat Daniel said he is proud to be taking the unique fabric of the tribal Khasis centre stage in the fashion arena in Canada, where top-notch designers from the country and the world are also participating.

“The fabric is one hundred per cent organic unlike many traditional silk where artificial dyes are used,” Daniel said. He said people would fall in love with the fabric used by the tribals in Meghalaya because it has thermal and medicinal properties, adding that it is good for the skin.

According to Daniel, the USP of his products is their faded look which is a result of the use of a natural dye. His business partner in ‘Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House’, J M Pyngrope who also left with Daniel to Toronto said the trip will be used to explore business opportunities.

While Daniel uses only the Ryndia fabrics, Pyngrope said, the fashion house they co-owned, have plans to rope in other traditional looms used by the tribal people of the North-east in the very near future.

Meanwhile, about 80 fashion and lifestyle vendors will be taking part in the two-day event produced by Toronto Fashion Academy beginning today.

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