Nagaland's e-naga summit website launched to facilitate services and economic activities

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Kohima, May 20: Nagaland on Tuesday got its e-naga summit website for better facilitation of services and economic activities in the state. The Chief Secretary of Nagaland Pankaj Kumar IAS on May 19, launched the e-Naga Summit website at his office chamber Nagaland Civil Secretariat, Kohima.

Speaking during the programme, Pankaj Kumar said that e-Naga Summit website was developed in the context of digital revolution worldwide, driven by new technologies in the internet and mobile phones.

He mentioned that in 1990’s, it was feared that only the ‘well to do section’ would get access to the new technologies and create a digital divide, but with the fall of costs the poorer section could also get access to the new technologies.

The Chief Secretary added that IT department has set up CSCs in every nook and corner of the State to facilitate services and economic activities at large.

The recently launched social security schemes by the Prime Minister and subsidies in cooking gas were some example he cited which are riding on bank accounts connected to the internet. Online application in the NPSC examination and payment of sale tax online were some success stories he mentioned, news agency The Morung Express reported. 

Commissioner & Secretary K.D. Vizo in his keynote address stated the e-Naga Summit which will start from 2015 with the objective to bring together Entrepreneurs, Academic, Industries and Government under one roof is envisioned to build the foundation required to identify our existing gaps, incubate ideas and devise solution specific to the needs of the North East region.

A lot of money is wasted in advertisement and publicity so the primary objective of bringing up this website is to employ modern and effective method of creating awareness at low cost, Vizo said. The main feature of the e-Naga Summit website are separate feature for online registration for various categories of participants, feature for information about venues and programme details and feature for discussion and assistance, he added.

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