Peace is pre-requisite for progress of North East region says Rijiju

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Mokokchung, May 27: While addressing the celebration of the NDA government’s one year in power on Tuesday at District Art and Culture Office Complex at Mokokchung in Nagaland, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju lauded the initiatives taken by the newly formed government over the last one year.

In his address at the gathering, Rijiju said that although governments over the last 60 years had 'certain good policies' for the North East, a 'deep understanding of the issues and the problems of the NE region' was missing.

He appealed to every section of the 'protesting people' to come to the negotiating table and urged that nobody should choose the path of violence. 'The only way, even if you have grudges, is to fight it democratically. We are a democratic country.' 'If you speak loudly, substantively, pointedly, nobody can deny your voice, you’ll be heard,' he said.

“I am very candidly telling you that India is a very huge country. Indian Army, Indian forces, it’s too big and we are no less than anybody. We all make India,” he said. “If there’s violence in Nagaland, the Delhi people will not be affected, they will not feel the pinch but it is the people of Nagaland who will feel the pinch,” he added.

Even thought the Government of India “normally takes care of the region,” the union minister observed that there was a “problem.”

He further informed that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has discussed with him “about the roadmap on how to take the NE forward.” Rijiju added that the centre’s commitment for the North East and Nagaland is more than before, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

“We are not doing anything on piecemeal manner, so you’ll see that we’re not making any announcements of small things,” he said. “Even when PM came to Nagaland, you must have seen he talked about roadmap for the whole region,” he added.

Rijiju further lamented that despite the NE being an important part of the country; it has been treated as a “fringe region.” “NE was never a part of India’s bigger polity,” he added, and said that the NDA government has “taken a big role in understanding the core issues.”

 “One of the major decisions we have taken is that a group of 4 members of ministers was constituted as a committee where I am also a member. This 4-member committee has given a report to the PM and we have decided that every 15 days, a central minister must come to NE. You’ll now see ministers frequently coming to NE,” he informed.

Rijiju then stated that even if India becomes a superpower, there would be no point if the NE region does not get benefit out of that achievement. “The country will completely grow only if every region and state also grows. At the end of the day, it is the prosperity of our region which counts.” In this regard, Rijiju assured that he is ready to help pursue any project proposal from the Nagaland government.

Later ,Rijiju reportedly had an interaction with the 31 Assam Rifles, where he was briefed on the security situation in the state.

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