Shillong’s Prabhat Paul translates Srimad Bhagavad Gita to Khasi language

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Shillong, June 15:  The North Eastern region of India has not left any stone unturned in marking its identity.  If translating the Srimad Bhagavad Gita into the local Khasi language can be termed as a great achievement, Prabhat Kanti Paul, a resident of RR Colony, Shillong has published his work in the form of a book in Khasi.

Paul has done it out of strong passion and determination and it takes great efforts to do it done when he is not even Khasi. The Foreword has been written by Padmashri Dr. Helen Giri.
Paul, who was born at Sohra (Cherrapunji), learned Khasi as his second mother tongue. After his retirement from active service as a Civil Engineer in the Government of Meghalaya, he dedicated his time to writing, news agency The Meghalaya Times reported.

In this foreword, Dr. Giri wrote that the translation of the Gita into Khasi will be of great importance. “I am sure this work will help scholars to know more of the philosophy of life as uttered in the ‘Holy Gita’,” she said. She also opined that the translation done by Paul retains the original flavour as he is well versed in Sanskrit as well as Khasi. “I feel the author has done justice in this regard,” she said.

Paul’s book is available at M/S RPS Corner, Bharati Bhavan, Lower Jail Road, Shillong and is retailing at only Rs. 60 per copy. Humble in spite of his great achievement, Paul, in a footnote in the book wrote, ‘The Author shall be grateful to the scholars and readers for their kind suggestions for further improvement of this first edition.’

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