Arunachal’s Pasighat-Ruksin area flooded as rainfall breaks 20 year record

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Ruksin, July 5: Normal life in Arunachal Pradesh came to a halt as monsoon broke a 20 year old record in Pasighat area as heavy rains in the wee hours on Saturday flooded almost entire Pasighat, Ruksin and adjoining areas.

Office-goers were the worst-affected by the artificial deluge, as they had to walk in inundated roads and streets, while many school of the remained closed for rainwater flood.The rain that lasted till the morning submerged entire Ruksin town and adjoining low lying areas. The ADC Office, Police Station, Police Colony, Tax & Excise Office, Forest Colony, Forest IB and Agriculture Office were the worst affected.

Swollen Ruksin, Ngorlung, Sille, Peneng, Oyan and Remi rivers inundated rural human habitations, horticultural gardens and paddy fields causing huge loss to the villagers, news agency The Arunachal Times reported.

Overflowing water of Sille river that collects plenty of water from Ledum hillside continues to erode crop lands at Linka portion on the right bank and submerged a large portion of Poba Reserve Forest on the left bank.

Report from Pasighat said that overflowing water of Poglek (Pagla) river inundated PLTK road at Yagrung snapping road communication between Yagrung and Pasighat.

Water logging on Mirem-Mikong-Ruksin and Pasighat-Ledum-Tene-Koyu PWD road and many parts of Pasighat and Ruksin caused innumerable problems to the motorists and pedestrians as well.

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